The Advantages of using Granite for Kitchen Worktops

There is a selection of different materials that can be used for a kitchen worktop. Some people choose wood, some choose laminated chipboard and some choose granite. There are advantages and disadvantages to using all of them, but here we will concentrate on granite.

Granite worktops are very sturdy and so they should not chip or dent easily. This means that they should last longer. It does mean that they are heavy, but an experienced fitter should not have any problems with this. Once it has been fitted, it will not need to be moved anyway.

Cleaning the worktop is very simple as well. A wipe with a damp cloth or some granite cleaning spray every so often should be enough to keep it mice and clean. Unlike wood, it will not stain too easily, even if you spill red wine or beetroot juice on it as long as you clean it off quickly.

Granite for Kitchen Worktops

Laminate worktops can scratch if they are used for chopping on, but granite will not do this. This means that not only does it stay looking great, but there are no marks that can potentially trap germs.

Laminate and wood worktops can warp if you are not careful. Getting water on it can make it expand and ruin the finish. This can happen if the worktop is not sealed properly at the end or in the joins and can mean that it will look nasty in a short period of time. Water cannot seep in to granite at all and so however much gets on it, there is no risk that it will spoil the way that it looks.

Although granite worktops can be more expensive as other types, it is much harder wearing. You will need string units to support the weight of it, but by investing in these, they should last longer for you as well. It will stay looking good for a long time and will not get damaged by scratches , stains or water. This means that as long as you can afford it, then granite is the best type of worktop to choose. It is available from all good kitchen fitters and can easily be cut to the required size. It also comes in a selection of colours and can be shiny or matt in finish. Grooves can be carved in to it for draining or other reasons as well, so it is extremely versatile too.