Three Benefits of Conservatory Blinds

A home conservatory is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the sunshine. As it is composed almost entirely of glass, it’s the perfect place to take in precious rays of sun. However, especially during summer months, intense sunlight can make the room unbearably hot or even cause damage to the skin. Conservatory blinds provide protection and comfort in three very important areas.

1. Protection against UV damage and overheating. With the destruction of the ozone layer, the sun today is ever more destructive. Skin cancer and other diseases can result from excess exposure to the sun. Bright sunlight can also irritate and even damage the eyes. A conservatory should be a place where the owner can go to relax without having to worry about the discomfort and dangers of being burned by the sun. These blinds provide a solution to this potential problem. A wide variety of materials can be chosen from, depending on the level of UV protection that is desired. These blinds create a warm and comfortable atmosphere while protecting families from sunburn and overexposure to the sun. Not only do they provide UV protection, but they also help maintain a pleasant temperature in the conservatory. Intense sunlight can cause conservatory temperatures to become unbearably high. A recent study shows that conservatory blinds help reduce heat by up to 83%. During cooler months, these blinds have the opposite effect. They help keep warmer temperatures in and keep the cold out, letting home owners enjoy a comfortable temperature in their conservatory all year round.

2. Privacy. A conservatory is a great place to enjoy the outdoor scenery. But, there are moments when home owners also desire their privacy. Many use their conservatory as a dining room and some even use it as an exercise room. On warm summer nights, some even enjoy sleeping in their conservatory. Window blinds provide a barrier from the outside world, allowing for necessary privacy while still allowing an agreeable amount of light to enter the room.

3. Fashion. These blinds can enhance and improve the appearance of the conservatory. As they come in all styles and colours, blinds can be chosen to match the carpet and furniture in the conservatory. Only well qualified and experienced conservatory blind installing companies should be chosen to put in the blinds. These often have a wide selection of blinds and know how to install them without causing damage to the conservatory. They will also advise the home owner as to what materials would be appropriate and durable in their particular conservatory. They will help homeowners decide on the best looking option that will also last for years.

As has been shown, these blinds not only add a touch of elegance to a conservatory, but they also provide protection from UV rays and intense heat. They also provide privacy to home owners. Although they can be a large investment, the benefits of installing such blinds will be enjoyed by homeowners for many years to come.

Choosing the Perfect Blind

Choosing a blind can mean the difference between making a room look great or letting it down completely, so it is important to get it just right.

When it comes to selecting the perfect blind, you need to think about size, style and colour.


Firstly, and most importantly, you need to measure the window you would like to buy a blind for.

Measure the area you would like the blind to cover and think about if you would like the blind to be fitted inside or outside the recess of the window.

Fitting the blind within the recess gives a cleaner more tailored. If you would like to go for this look, ensure that the recess is deep enough to hold the blind. Fitting the blind outside the recess is often easier and makes the window appear larger.


When deciding on the style of blind that is right for you, consider the room it is for and the functions it needs to serve. Roller blinds are easy to wipe down making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms whilst black out or thermal blinds are perfect for bedrooms.

On the other hand you may decide that you are not limited by function or practicality, leaving you free to choose a style of blind based on aesthetics alone. You can go for the classic and elegant roman blind or the classic yet modern venetian blind. You can also use blinds with curtains, for a chic and stylish layered look.


Lastly, you can choose a colour and/or pattern for your blind to compliment your room. You may like to choose a coordinating colour and or/pattern or a contrasting colour and/or pattern. Your new blind can become the focal point of your room or may decide to go for a subtler look.

Whether you are looking to update up the look and feel of a room, or add the finishing touches to a newly decorated one, the perfect blinds at 247 will enhance your windows and seamlessly bring the style of your room together.

Decorating a Loft into a Funky Office

Transforming a loft into a cool and interesting office space is relatively simple with the right pieces of furniture and accessories that are both functional and decorative. Less is definitely more when it comes to any working environment as clutter and overcrowded surfaces do not lend themselves very well to creativity and productivity! Think simplicity, functionality, space and inspiration and you are on the right track. Only use items that are either needed in order to work, or are inspirational or decorative enough to add to the creative and cool atmosphere you want to produce.

Picking one area to start off with is a good way to begin, so why not initiate your design by starting with the windows? Blinds from Velux Blinds Direct are a fantastic way to spruce up windows and skylights in any loft. They come in a huge array of colours, sizes, styles, patterns, textures and prints and can really bring a lot to any sort of design scheme. Blinds are very suitable for office environments and look great against modern and elegant backdrops or they can even act as the focal point of a room. Sleek and modern and extremely functional, Velux blinds are an effective jumping off point to base your room design around.

If you go with an elaborate or colourful blind, then why not offset this with a really cool but functional piece of furniture or two? All offices no matter how big or small, require at least one chair, a desk and a computer as a basic package. But these items do not have to be boring to be effective. Why not opt for a funky swivel chair with a high back in a retro-style print or fabric? This will add instant oomph to any workspace and will really stand out especially against a more muted or reserved backdrop. Pick up the colours of your blinds in your chair as an accent to emphasis the pieces and make a subtle yet effective statement.

Desks and work surfaces also need not be mundane whatsoever. There are so many modern and sleek desk units available today for every budget, function and taste so have a look around for one that suits your needs but also appeals to your aesthetic. Try multi-purpose sliding shelf systems and desks with hidden drawers for more storage in compact spaces. Once you have the window dressed and the desk and chair picked out, everything else will fall into place!