Something New in the Bedroom – Wicker Furniture!

Wicker furniture is not just for the front porch anymore! You read it right. Wicker furniture has had its place, for decades, on porches and patios, and occasionally in children’s rooms. Once denounced as a dated trend, wicker furniture has regained popularity and moved indoors.

Wicker furniture is made of thin, flexible twigs, branches or reeds. The branches are woven into patterns to effect both strength and beauty of line.  Many people are familiar with this concept in the form of wicker baskets. While this natural looking furniture has traditionally been painted white and relegated to the porch, wicker pieces today are designed and upholstered in a way that perfectly complements the style of a modern bedroom.

Wicker bedroom furniture is ideal for creating an intimate, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Many designer pieces are painted in warm, neutral colors such as chocolate and cherry wood. Upholstery that is lush and upscale adds to the solidity and charm of the wicker pieces. Selections of upholstery that match your current décor will allow your new wicker bedroom furniture to blend in perfectly with the overall design of your room.

The clean lines and subtle weaving of wicker bedroom furniture make it at once an elegant and inspiring choice. Furnishing your bedroom with wicker furniture is a refreshing departure from the traditional. It helps to capture the originality of your design while retaining the warmth and comfort desired in a bedroom.

One of the advantages to purchasing wicker furniture for the bedroom is that it can be less expensive than furniture made of wood or other materials. However, as with all furniture, if you are interested in a designer label, it will be more costly.  A designer wicker loveseat with custom upholstery may cost about $400.  Wicker furniture is also more durable than you may imagine, if your experience with it has been limited to baskets and outdoor furniture. With a little care, your wicker bedroom furniture will prove to be as durable and functional as wooden pieces.

Some care is necessary to keep wicker bedroom furniture looking as lovely as the day you brought it home. First, though wicker furniture always has a either a clear protective coating or a coat of paint, it should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent it from drying out and becoming brittle.   Also, care should be exercised in regard to pets.  Dogs and cats may want to chew or scratch wicker furniture.  If you notice this tendency, it may be wise to keep pets out of the bedroom. With proper care, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful wicker bedroom furniture for many years to come.