How to fix your roller blinds

After a while you may notice that your roller blinds are beginning to tire and look unappealing. They can start to look wrinkled and uneven. In some cases, opening and closing the blinds may become difficult.

There are plenty of ways to fix the problems which you experience with your roller blinds. These tricks can save you time, money and effort. So before rushing to your local hard ware shop, read up on these great tips:

Problems with appearance

If you blinds are looking rather tatty and are wrinkled or untidy then this is because the brackets on which the blind is fitted to are too close together. You may not notice this at first but the spring in the roller becomes damaged over time, leading to ill looking window treatments.

To tackle this problem, simply remove the blind from the brackets and measure the width with a tape measure. Then measure the distance between the two brackets and compare the two figures. If the numbers don’t match then the brackets need re-positioning. Once that has been successfully done, you can put back up your blinds and this problem shouldn’t happen again.

Problems with movement

The cause of this problem all depends on what is occurring. If the blind refuses to stay down (shut) then it may be because the parts inside the roller need cleaning. To do this you need to remove the blind from the window and use a screwdriver to pry the cap off the end of the roller. Once this done, spray compressed air from a can into the roller, focusing on the ratchet and pawl. Also, use penetrating oil to lubricate the inside parts of the blind. Re-attach the cap back onto the end and your blinds are ready to be fitted to the window again.

However, if the problem is that the blind comes down too slow or too fast, this is because of the tension of the spring. If it is travelling too slowly, pull the blind half way down and then remove it from the brackets. Then, by hand, roll the blind back up. Re-attach to the window and repeat this step until the desired speed returns.

Alternatively, if the blind is moving too fast, the opposite steps are required. Remove the blind from the window, roll back up and return. Again, repeat this until the desired speed is restored.

All of the above tricks will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and will save you the trouble of searching for new blinds.

Choosing Blinds for Your Child’s Room

You need to put a lot of thought into furnishing a child’s room. Not only do you want the room to be as safe as possible you also want it to be stimulating and interesting. As well as easy to clean! I recently helped my brother and his wife decorate their son’s room and we found the greatest challenge was choosing the window treatments!


For any parent their child’s safety is paramount. Window treatments may not seem to be an obvious danger but children can strangle or trip themselves with the control cords. If you want blinds then look for ones with with short cords, preferably no more than three inches. Short cords are most common with roller blinds though roman blinds are also a good choice. Roller blinds are also relatively affordable. Another good option is to consider curtains as they don’t require any cords. It is also vital to ensure that whatever treatment you choose, it is securely installed to so that it doesn’t fall.


If you live in the city then you risk you child being disturbed by the street lamps and car headlights. A great way to avoid this is to get blinds or curtains made out of black out fabric. If you live in a quieter area then this is going to be less of a concern. In fact you might prefer treatments which let light in, particularly on school mornings when you want your child to wake up! There have been several studies which show that natural light helps to improves people’s mood and health so if you can allow some sun light in without disturbing your child’s sleep then do! Translucent blinds and curtains will let in a diffuse light, meaning that they can help cool the room and will give you a warm light. Some suppliers also sell duel roller blinds which include a translucent blind you can use when the sun is too hot and a black-out blind for the night time.

Patterns and Designs:

Alongside these concerns you want your child’s room to be fun! A stimulating environment will not only stop your child from being bored, but will also inspire them to do something other than play on the Xbox. There is a large choice of patterns and designs around which will help to stimulate your child. Roller blinds really come into their own here as not only can they be customised, but they have the largest range of premade designs. In my nephew’s case we tried to find an option that would appeal to him now at two years old but wouldn’t be embarrass him when he was older. My sister in law wanted to make sure that the blinds could cope with several different changes of paint as they hope to have them up for a long time. For that reason we choose dark blue blinds decorated with stars and planets. But the choice obviously depends on the child, the room and the parents. In other words it’s up to you!


This is a guest post by Daniel Frank, as UK blogger and interior design enthusiast who is currently writing on behalf of a wooden blinds supplier.

Choosing the Perfect Blind

Choosing a blind can mean the difference between making a room look great or letting it down completely, so it is important to get it just right.

When it comes to selecting the perfect blind, you need to think about size, style and colour.


Firstly, and most importantly, you need to measure the window you would like to buy a blind for.

Measure the area you would like the blind to cover and think about if you would like the blind to be fitted inside or outside the recess of the window.

Fitting the blind within the recess gives a cleaner more tailored. If you would like to go for this look, ensure that the recess is deep enough to hold the blind. Fitting the blind outside the recess is often easier and makes the window appear larger.


When deciding on the style of blind that is right for you, consider the room it is for and the functions it needs to serve. Roller blinds are easy to wipe down making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms whilst black out or thermal blinds are perfect for bedrooms.

On the other hand you may decide that you are not limited by function or practicality, leaving you free to choose a style of blind based on aesthetics alone. You can go for the classic and elegant roman blind or the classic yet modern venetian blind. You can also use blinds with curtains, for a chic and stylish layered look.


Lastly, you can choose a colour and/or pattern for your blind to compliment your room. You may like to choose a coordinating colour and or/pattern or a contrasting colour and/or pattern. Your new blind can become the focal point of your room or may decide to go for a subtler look.

Whether you are looking to update up the look and feel of a room, or add the finishing touches to a newly decorated one, the perfect blinds at 247 will enhance your windows and seamlessly bring the style of your room together.