How to future proof Your furniture and flooring

When you are refurbishing a room, it is really important to think about how long the look will last and what you can do to make sure that it will last. Some people like to redo their rooms very regularly so that they can embrace new trends and fashions. However, there are many of us that like a look to last. We want to do something which is classic in style so that we do not have to keep changing the look of the room and can just relax and enjoy the design that we have chosen.

If this is the case then it is important to make sure that you make all of the right decisions. As you will not want to be looking at items in the room for years and years and wishing that you had bought something different.

You need to choose a colour palette that is not too trendy. If it is in trend then it will go out of fashion, so pick something more classic. This goes for styles and patterns as well and applies to everything from the paint on the ceiling to the Egger Flooring or whatever you have underfoot. Furniture design is important as well, it needs to be timeless, hard wearing and practical.

It is worth taking some time to think about how you use the room. Consider whether you are in the room a lot, whether it has children or animals in it, whether you use it for work or play etc. This will all add to your decision as to what you use. You may need to consider hard wearing and washable paint and flooring, furniture that can take a lot of bouncing on or items that hair will not stick to or can easily be removed from. It can also be wise to think about how easy it will be to clean it generally, particularly if it is a room that you will use to entertain guests in.

You may also find that certain flooring and furniture have products that you can use on them to protect them from damage. These could be worth investing in as it could mean that you will be able to make things last a lot longer and possibly make them easier to clean if things do get spilt on them. If you are buying from new, then ask the manufacturer, otherwise you should be able to search online for tips. Do be careful though and do a small test area first where it is invisible just to check it works with your furniture and technique.

Lastly make sure that you treat everything well. Being heavy handed with things, not cleaning them properly and not spot cleaning them as soon as you see spills on them will mean that they will not last as long. If you look after the items carefully then it is more likely that there will last a long time and give you really good value for money.