How to fix your roller blinds

After a while you may notice that your roller blinds are beginning to tire and look unappealing. They can start to look wrinkled and uneven. In some cases, opening and closing the blinds may become difficult.

There are plenty of ways to fix the problems which you experience with your roller blinds. These tricks can save you time, money and effort. So before rushing to your local hard ware shop, read up on these great tips:

Problems with appearance

If you blinds are looking rather tatty and are wrinkled or untidy then this is because the brackets on which the blind is fitted to are too close together. You may not notice this at first but the spring in the roller becomes damaged over time, leading to ill looking window treatments.

To tackle this problem, simply remove the blind from the brackets and measure the width with a tape measure. Then measure the distance between the two brackets and compare the two figures. If the numbers don’t match then the brackets need re-positioning. Once that has been successfully done, you can put back up your blinds and this problem shouldn’t happen again.

Problems with movement

The cause of this problem all depends on what is occurring. If the blind refuses to stay down (shut) then it may be because the parts inside the roller need cleaning. To do this you need to remove the blind from the window and use a screwdriver to pry the cap off the end of the roller. Once this done, spray compressed air from a can into the roller, focusing on the ratchet and pawl. Also, use penetrating oil to lubricate the inside parts of the blind. Re-attach the cap back onto the end and your blinds are ready to be fitted to the window again.

However, if the problem is that the blind comes down too slow or too fast, this is because of the tension of the spring. If it is travelling too slowly, pull the blind half way down and then remove it from the brackets. Then, by hand, roll the blind back up. Re-attach to the window and repeat this step until the desired speed returns.

Alternatively, if the blind is moving too fast, the opposite steps are required. Remove the blind from the window, roll back up and return. Again, repeat this until the desired speed is restored.

All of the above tricks will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and will save you the trouble of searching for new blinds.