Decorate a Bay Window

To decorate a bay window, you first need to determine what style the overall room is in which you have the bays. This process might seem relatively easy, but there is a great deal of work and planning involved, especially since this type of window basically transforms the whole look of your room. Curtains, shutters, shades and valances are among some of the most popular ways to decorate windows, but you can also add other kinds of accessories around the bay in order to enhance its overall elegance. Depending on the room that the bay window is located, you might consider adding furniture around the immediate area, especially if the glass is rather large. Before you purchase any decorative accents for the windows, it is important that you plan everything out in advance so that you do not waste time or money.

Window Theme and Style

Before you even start to decorate a bay window, you first need to determine what the overall theme and style is of the particular room. If you are building windows within in an existing room of the home, then you have the option of sticking with the existing theme that you already have for the area. However, if you are in a new home, or just want to start to decorate from scratch, then you will need to come up with a more detailed plan.

First, you will want to consider the room and what its purpose is before you decorate a bay window. Windows in a bedroom or sitting area will likely be decorated in a relaxing way with cool solid colours. A dining room or library might stand to use more accessories, and you can also experiment with more colours and patterns.

Curtains, Shutters and Accessories

Depending on where your windows are located, you might choose to leave them plain, especially if the area does not face a street or other home. However, many homeowners have to worry about privacy, so it is important that you keep this factor in mind before you decorate a bay window. Still, this does not mean that you should decorate with heavy and boring stuff that will take away from the beauty of the space. Instead, you can choose elegant accessories that can allow you to put curtains in place, while still giving your home the privacy it needs.

Before purchasing curtains, you will want to double check the measurements of the bay before you decorate them. You might also consider getting shutters to put behind the curtains if you want to utilise them for sunlight control. The types of curtain rods and brackets you choose can also make or break the overall theme of the windows, so you should shop around. You can buy bay window shutters by visiting at affordable prices.

Decorate with Furniture

A bay is one of the few types of windows in which you can decorate with furniture right in the general vicinity of the space. In order to decorate a bay window in such a manner, you first need to decide whether the space is large enough to accommodate furniture. Also, certain kinds of rooms within your house are can appropriately showcase pieces of furniture more so than other areas in the home.

One of the most common varieties of furniture you can use to decorate a bay window is a bench. Benches are usually built directly underneath the window and against the wall, so that you can sit as close to the bay as possible. Although some people use the bench as more of a shelf to add items on, the best method is to convert it into a sitting area by adding some cushioning as well as throw pillows. If desirable, you can even add a floor lamp to the side of the area so that you can create a comfortable reading space.

When you go to decorate a bay window, you might find that you want to create more storage space so that there are no items to block the beautiful views that your windows create. If you do not plan on sitting right against the bay, then you might consider instead building a small storage space beneath the window in lieu of a regular bench. This type of item can have shelves for books, or it can be a closed hollow space in order to store extra pillows and throws.

If you decorate a bay window in a bedroom, then you might consider placing a day bed against the space. When you decorate a bay window, you do not want to place just any piece of furniture against it because it will obstruct the area and it could even look tacky. Instead, you will want to have the furniture built to suit the window so that it does not take away from the openness of the bays.