The Advantages of using Granite for Kitchen Worktops

There is a selection of different materials that can be used for a kitchen worktop. Some people choose wood, some choose laminated chipboard and some choose granite. There are advantages and disadvantages to using all of them, but here we will concentrate on granite.

Granite worktops are very sturdy and so they should not chip or dent easily. This means that they should last longer. It does mean that they are heavy, but an experienced fitter should not have any problems with this. Once it has been fitted, it will not need to be moved anyway.

Cleaning the worktop is very simple as well. A wipe with a damp cloth or some granite cleaning spray every so often should be enough to keep it mice and clean. Unlike wood, it will not stain too easily, even if you spill red wine or beetroot juice on it as long as you clean it off quickly.

Granite for Kitchen Worktops

Laminate worktops can scratch if they are used for chopping on, but granite will not do this. This means that not only does it stay looking great, but there are no marks that can potentially trap germs.

Laminate and wood worktops can warp if you are not careful. Getting water on it can make it expand and ruin the finish. This can happen if the worktop is not sealed properly at the end or in the joins and can mean that it will look nasty in a short period of time. Water cannot seep in to granite at all and so however much gets on it, there is no risk that it will spoil the way that it looks.

Although granite worktops can be more expensive as other types, it is much harder wearing. You will need string units to support the weight of it, but by investing in these, they should last longer for you as well. It will stay looking good for a long time and will not get damaged by scratches , stains or water. This means that as long as you can afford it, then granite is the best type of worktop to choose. It is available from all good kitchen fitters and can easily be cut to the required size. It also comes in a selection of colours and can be shiny or matt in finish. Grooves can be carved in to it for draining or other reasons as well, so it is extremely versatile too.

Building New Kitchen Renovations The Smart Way

There’s no disagreement here: building new kitchen renovations is a great way to increase the value of your home. An old, outdated kitchen is one of the most common reasons why otherwise excited buyers decide to pass up a house instead of following through with an offer to buy. Why is the kitchen so highly prized of a space? The answer is simple: the kitchen is the source of activity in most families. After all, a good kitchen is often where families eat informal meals, as well as where all the food is stored and cooked. For entertainers, kitchen parties have now become common, with guests coming into the kitchen directly instead of congregating in other areas of the house. So to attract interested buyers to your home, building and maintaining a smart, modern kitchen is a must. However, there are a few questions that commonly arise when homeowners begin thinking about how to actually achieve a smart kitchen renovation.

First, write out exactly what you want to update, along with the price of the materials. You should also be deciding at this point whether to do the renovations yourself, or to hire a professional. If the budget for the project is small, doing it all yourself is definitely an option. However, that road is a bit more intense than hiring a licensed professional to do the work for you. A compromise is to hire on a licensed professional more as a guide than someone that will be providing heavy labor. You can do most of the work yourself, and then save the harder things for a professional that can do them faster and often more safely than you can.

Kitchen Renovations

The next step is the budget — every plan to upgrade the kitchen must come with a firm budget. If the plan you have on paper calls for things that will be expensive, you have to prioritize what you actually want to do. Sometimes that will mean leaving out things that will look really nice, but will be more expensive than what your budget can handle. Review your finances and make sure that you can handle a kitchen upgrade — many people turn to their savings at this point. If savings are not an option, a renovation loan is something that many banks have began offering to their customers due to the popularity of renovation projects, especially kitchen-oriented renovations.

Finally, make sure you give yourself enough time for all of the aspects of the renovation project to be finished. A renovation project will take up a few weeks, even a few months of time — some consider this the other side of the budget due to its importance. Part of scheduling the time for the renovation will also be in waiting for materials to be shipped or purchased. Many kitchen renovation projects have been delayed unexpectedly by not having all the materials.

It goes without saying that a new kitchen renovation requires a lot of time and effort. However, if a few key tips are followed, it will go a long way in avoiding a lot of wasted time and effort as well as stress. After all, you deserve a home that you can be proud of on the outside as well as the inside!

State-of-the-Art Extravagance Vs. Austerity in the Kitchen

Extravagance and luxury in a home are noticeable in every room, but none more forcefully than in the kitchen. Kitchens can boast every possible convenience: state-of-the-art appliances, high end finishes, and custom designs. They may even incorporate features once relegated to other rooms of the house such as televisions, stereo systems, and computer stations. Kitchens thus appointed pose a stark contrast to kitchens with only the basic amenities for preparing and eating meals.

Extravagant kitchen furnishings such as granite countertops and high tech appliances are associated with a budget that can accommodate these expensive materials and items. In the past, even top of the line kitchens included only a stove and refrigerator, kitchen sink, traditional cabinets, Formica countertops, and small dining sets. An average kitchen today would include all of these items plus a microwave oven, garbage disposal, dishwasher, and likely a small TV or radio. Kitchens of the past were sparsely furnished compared to the average kitchen of today with few, if any integrated appliances. Those kitchens were functional in regard to providing storage, preparation, cooking and eating areas for the average family. However, they lacked many of the modern conveniences that now are taken for granted, as well as the luxury items and finishes that are standard in kitchens of wealthy homes.

Oddly enough, some similarities exist between the traditional kitchens of the past and kitchens built today in the minimalist style. Some of the minimalist kitchens have small cupboards and similar layouts to traditional kitchens.  The difference is in the modern finishes. The storage areas are often made of glossy materials other than wood, with granite or marble countertops, modern fixtures and sleek appliances. Even minimalist kitchens can be extremely expensive if they are on the cutting edge of innovative kitchen design. Other extravagant kitchens that boast such items as walk-in pantries, brick pizza ovens, and wine rooms bear little resemblance to the functional, austere kitchens of the past.

Eclectic kitchen furnishings can combine the extravagant and the austere according to individual taste. Austerity in the kitchen does not necessarily have to be associated with a dated style and low end appliances and finishes. In modern kitchen design, there can be a harmony of simplistic style with high end materials and modern equipment and conveniences. For some, the definition of extravagance includes anything beyond the basic requirements of a normal modern kitchen, and austerity refers to inexpensive and dated kitchen furnishings. However, there is a way to combine the two concepts to achieve a modern kitchen space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. By selecting individual design elements to include in the space, you can create your own custom kitchen furnishings to be as extravagant or as austere as you may wish. In this way, it is possible to blend the traditional and the modern in a way that is unique and inclusive of both the extravagant and the austere.

Livening Up the Heart of Your Home

Homeowners often describe their kitchens as the favorite room in the house. This is the place where meals are prepared and shared, and family and friends gather to enjoy great food and each other’s company. If your favorite room is looking a little worn and dated – not to worry. Just a few changes to kitchen furnishings and design can transform your bland kitchen into a room that is truly the heart of the home.

Kitchen furnishings that can enhance both the look and function of the room include kitchen islands, cabinets, appliances, counter tops, fixtures, lighting, and dining sets. Homeowners contemplating kitchen remodeling projects often worry about wasting money on furnishings that may look dated at some point in the future. Wooden furniture, glass and marble tops are items with a quality of timelessness to outlive short term trends.   Careful selection of furnishings can ensure that your kitchen will be a warm, welcoming, and lively place for years to come.

Cabinets are a good place to start if you want to change the look of your kitchen. The variety of options for kitchen cabinets is endless. Cabinets of all sizes with different types of doors, shelving arrangements, and finishes are available. Some homeowners may opt to replace or add to their storage areas, while others may choose to give their kitchen a “face lift” by refinishing their existing cabinets and replacing the hardware. Making changes to the kitchen cabinets is an effective way to help achieve the desired look of your kitchen – whether it is rustic, contemporary, or ultra modern.

The good news for those concerned about the high cost of replacing cabinets, counter tops, appliances and fixtures is that one can achieve surprisingly dramatic results with less expensive solutions such as paint and accessories. Right now, you’ll find many trendy kitchen accessories made of wicker and wire. The simple addition of a black and white wicker and wire wastebasket in a corner of the kitchen can help to give it a modern look and feel. Painting wood in black and white can provide a fabulous contrast for plain towel or linen holders. A wooden cutting board strategically placed on the countertop can help complete the look of your kitchen.

If you have big makeover ambitions for a small kitchen, never fear. Many kitchen furnishings specially designed for small spaces are available to enhance the style and functional quality of your kitchen area. Bar-style counters with room for stools can provide extra seating and workspace. Slim (and sometimes portable) islands can provide extra space for food preparation, eating and storage. Kitchen carts, shelving, and tall wire racks can add character and maximize the usefulness of a small kitchen space.

The number of choices for upgrades in kitchen furnishings can be overwhelming. In addition to what may be available in stores, there is a vast selection online offered by manufacturers and home furnishing companies. The keys to a successful kitchen remodel are identifying your needs, deciding on a look, and creating a plan for renovation that will fit in to your budget. If you make wise choices compatible with your needs and desires, the kitchen will become an inspiring, inviting place at the heart of your home.