Storage Solutions for a Small Bathroom

There’s no denying it: our bathroom looks at its best when it’s clean. tidy and organised – the key to keeping it that way is clever storage solutions.

A small bathroom doesn’t have to be an ugly bathroom, some of the best designs I have seen in recent times have been smaller rooms. And the one thing that all of these beautiful small bathroom designs have in common is that they have made the most of the space they have. A good storage solution is as stylish as it is practical.

Below I have dished up a selection of my favourite small bathroom storage solutions and dig into why each idea is worth inclusion in your small bathroom.


Combination Unit

Combination units are perfect for small bathrooms because they combine 3 essential bathroom fixtures into one compact unit. Combination units typically consist of a back-to-wall WC, a bathroom storage cabinet and integrated basin. The bathroom cabinet is also usually designed so it can sit either side of the toilet for ease of use. Combination units are a stylish solution that work well in either cloakroom and downstairs bathrooms. Continue reading

Your Bathroom, Made Amazing – Incredible Ideas for Homeowners

If there’s one room in your home that’s going to draw a lot of attention, it’s definitely your kitchen. However, if there’s one room in your home that’s definitely going to keep attention, it’s your bathroom. A lot of people won’t openly comment on the bathrooms in your home, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not thinking about it. Some people look at other people’s bathroom suites as a way to get inspired about their own, while some just want to see who has the better space. No matter what, you need to really make sure that your bathroom is a destination that you really want to be at — after all, you’re going to be using that facility often through the day. Why not make it as pleasant as you can?

So, how do we go about turning your bathroom into an amazing space? Well, it really all starts with the type of furniture that you’re going to use. it’s tempting to just sit back and not think about all of the different things that you want to achieve with your bathroom, but what would be the fun in that? Create a plan that works for your needs and don’t be afraid to pick up some bathroom and remodeling guides for inspiration. These are all great sources that can lead to better ideas for your bathroom.

Don’t forget the power of bathroom furniture. You might think that a well placed chair might not be necessary, but it can add a lot to the power of the room. In addition, don’t ignore the need for storage space. That can be part of the furniture collection, and who says that you only have to think about the functional side of a bathroom.

The whole point here is that a bathroom should be like the rest of your home. It should exude a lot of style and character, because you’re filled with style and character. A home represents its owner, so you always want to make sure that your bathrooms are representing you well.

Some people are going to be leery about investing a lot of money into their bathrooms because they’re worried that it’ll take away from the value of their home. However, this couldn’t be farther from the case. If anything, adding to a bathroom is going to raise your home’s value significantly. You might have to play with the numbers to make it all fit into your budget, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run when you have a space that you’ll love to visit!

Furnishing Your Bathroom

A bathroom is often a room that we do not think about furnishing. However, the room obviously serves a purpose and there is no reason why we should not get it looking really good. There are also storage requirements in a bathroom and so whether you are planning a brand new bathroom or just improving an existing one, you need to consider this.

There is a lot of bathroom furniture on the market and you may be surprised at the range. It is important to think hard before buying as to what your requirements are. Think about whether you want this bathroom to last really well and be something that you want to keep for a very long time or whether you like changing with the fashions and so want something that is fashionable but cheaper so that you can spend money on it again in the future. You also need to consider the quality, if you want something to last then you want to buy quality furniture.

You need to think about comfort when buying bathroom furniture. You need to make sure that the loo is comfortable to sit on, the bath is wide enough and long enough, that the shower has enough room inside it and that the basin is the right height. You need to also consider whether you will have enough storage and whether everything is spaced so that there is enough room. You will need a radiator or a way of heating the room and somewhere to hang towels.

Many people consider that bathroom suites is always the way to go, but you can actually match up separates and you might get something that better suits your needs, although it might be more expensive to do it this way.

You also need to consider the tiles in the room. You will need them in the shower, along the bath and above the sink. You might prefer to tile the whole room. This will be expensive but could be a lot easier when you decorate. It could also help to keep things looking a lot better. You may want to put in a mirror somewhere as well, perhaps above the sink, for shaving and taking off make up. You may want it to be a cabinet so that you have storage as well.

Having a wall cupboard, shaving cupboard or under sink cupboard are very useful. It can look a lot better if you are able to put all of your items away in a cupboard and so they are not on view. It makes things look a lot tidier and so you need to make sure there is space to put them away. You also need to consider having a place to stand bottles in the shower as it can look very messy and be inconvenient, if you have to leave them on the floor.

So sit down and think about your needs. Think about your budget and how long you want things to last. If you want excellent quality, then you may have to pay more and this may mean that you need to wait a while before you can afford it. Spend a long time thinking and looking at all of your options because it is an expensive thing to do and so you need to make sure that you have made the right decision and that you get the best possible value for money.

DIY Projects: How to personalise your bathroom furniture

Although I’m a huge fan of antique and reclaimed furniture, when it came to furnishing the often steam-filled bathroom at home, I thought better of it and opted for modern bathroom storage units. Designed for use in exactly this sort of environment, their longevity is assured and they should stand the test of time (and humidity). This does mean, however, that they’re a little bit uniform and impersonal for my tastes. If, like me, you’re looking for ways to add individuality to your modern bathroom furniture, then read on…


Contemporary bathroom suites are, generally speaking, fairly blank canvasses. Excessive detail has been eschewed by designers in recent years and our modern baths, basins, showers and toilets are relatively plain. They’re all different shapes, of course – more so now than in the past, in fact, as modern materials have allowed greater experimentation with shape. But so long as you remember to be sympathetic to the broad outline of your particular bathroom suite (be that curved or angular), any features you add to your bathroom should fit in perfectly.

By a huge margin, the most popular finish on contemporary bathroom cabinets is white. Not necessarily because everyone loves white (although a great many people do enjoy the clean look that a set of snowy furniture gives a room), but because it goes with everything. Which is great – because that means you’ve got a huge choice of cabinet-shaped blank canvasses to add to your bathroom.


Decorating a cabinet is easy when you know how. The main thing to remember is to select the right type of paint for the surface material of the cabinet(s). Specialist cabinet paint is designed to adhere to the glossy surfaces of contemporary cabinets, and there are many spray on paints available which are quick and easy to apply, leaving you more time to be creative and ensuring that your finish is not marred by brush strokes. Of course, if your cabinets are wood or metal, traditional oil-based paints will adhere well – just remember to sand, clean and primer your surfaces first, and away you go.

Don’t forget to make a plan before you begin. Are you going to colour every surface of your cabinets, inside and out (maybe with a contrasting colour on the inside)? Or do you plan to simply add colour to the doors, where the least effort can have the biggest impact?


Whatever the area you plan to cover, you can choose a plain, block colour or you can opt for a patterned finish. Unless you’re an artist with a steady hand, you’ll probably need a template in order to create beautiful, bold patterns. Sticky film can be cut to shape and applied gently to the surfaces you’ll be painting, allowing you to apply your paint in layers, adding different shapes and colours as each layer dries, to build up a gorgeous design. Don’t forget to choose a low-tack film, though, as anything which adheres too firmly to your cabinet could cause damage to your emerging design as you remove it.

Happy decorating!

This post was written by Helen Davies who is a keen blogger, Pinterest addict and currently works as a freelance writer for Better Bathrooms

Wooden Furnishings for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms have become much more than just rooms that are necessary to fulfill a certain function in the home. Recently, bathrooms have come to be viewed as quiet, relaxing spaces that provide a tranquil retreat from the stress of everyday living. People value beauty and the feeling of luxury in the bathroom as much as in any room of the house. The quality of the bathroom furnishings can greatly contribute to the sense of calm and peacefulness that people desire to bring to their bathrooms and their homes.

When considering bathroom furnishings, one automatically envisions fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and tubs or showers. Mirrors, cabinets, closets and countertops are also prominently featured in bathroom design. Floors, walls, space and accessories also need to be addressed. When deciding on finishes and furnishings for a bathroom, the function of the room must dictate many of the choices.

An unusual, but innovative choice for bathroom furnishings are those made of wood. Wood is not a material that immediately comes to mind when deliberating about bathroom finishes. Traditionally, bathrooms conjure up images of tile, marble, porcelain, and glass. However, in keeping with the idea of luxury and unique style in the bathroom, wood is a material that can serve many purposes.

The presence of wood brings a natural ambiance to the room. It adds to the feeling of relaxation, tranquility, and warmth. The color and texture of wood provides a sense of connection with the outdoors and also with the rest of the house. Depending on the choice of wood and the finish, it can bring a traditional or modern feel to the bathroom. Hardwoods such as oak or pine coated with a protective finish are recommended. The type of wood used in bathroom furnishings should be chosen carefully to accommodate for the amount of moisture typically present in a bathroom.

Bathroom furnishings made of wood include, but are not limited to, cabinets, closets, moldings, counters, floors, and accessories. Wooden bathroom furnishings may be somewhat more expensive than traditional materials. The price is higher because of the craftsmanship that is involved in using wood to create traditional bathroom furnishings. Another concern is the impact on the environment of the use of a great deal of wood for furniture and flooring. However, there are ways to incorporate wooden furnishings into a “green” space and also save money.

If wood furnishings are used along with other, more traditional materials, you can strike the perfect balance between beauty, budget, and caring for the environment. Wood furnishings in the bathroom can help create a beautiful and unique personal space.

Saving Space While Retaining the Beauty of Your Bathroom’s Design

Over the last 10-15 years, bathroom remodeling has become an increasingly popular trend. Homeowners and home buyers alike seek upgraded bathroom spaces. The number, size and style of bathrooms have gained importance to individuals, couples and families. Bathrooms, once merely functional, are now viewed as an oasis in the chaos of daily life. The value of a luxurious bathroom is high on the list of desired home comforts.

When remodeling or installing upgrades in a home, the bathroom is usually one of the first rooms to be targeted for changes. When planning a bathroom remodel, it is important to consider who will be using the space. For example, is this the master bath, or a guest bathroom? Will it be used often by children, elderly people, or someone with a physical disability? This will factor into your decisions the layout and type of furnishings you will want and need to include in your remodel.  You will also need to consider available space, budget, and the extent of your remodeling project.

In reviewing the various trends in bathroom design, many new innovations have surfaced. Recently, bathroom furnishings have been designed based on the idea that bathrooms are arranged in a variety of layouts and sizes. Manufacturers have created a vast selection of products to accommodate consumer demands. One of the most recent new space saving designs incorporates beautifully crafted wall mounted bathroom furnishings. The benefits of wall mounted furnishings include not only a clean, modern appearance, but the creation of much needed additional space. Wall mounted sinks and eye-level wall mounted cabinets contribute to a sense of openness and a desirable absence of clutter. Built in shelving and wall mounted accessories also help to save space and make the bathroom feel and appear larger and more luxurious.

Home improvement stores and bathroom furnishing manufacturers are well stocked with every item imaginable to upgrade your bathroom. Suppliers understand the varied needs and desires of consumers wishing to remodel their bathrooms. Stores and websites carry a vast collection of materials, fixtures, furnishings, and accessories enabling consumers to customize their remodeling projects according to individual needs, space, style, and budget. Furnishings are available in a wide array of materials, colors, and finishes both to suit the homeowner’s taste and to complement the furnishings in the rest of the house.

Regardless of personal style, the goal of a bathroom remodel is to achieve a clean and purposefully designed look to the room. Lighter colors are perfect for smaller bathrooms, whereas deeper colors can lend a rich and luxurious feel to larger bathrooms. Space saving furnishings and high end finishes can give any bathroom a more comfortable, modern feel. The choices of flooring, fixtures, furnishings, and accessories should blend harmoniously to the overall design.

10 must have accessories for Residential Bathrooms

The bathroom has undergone a sea change over the past decades and emerged as one of the most prominent rooms in any home. This reflects the shift in perception of society at large, from considering the bathroom to be just a place of cleansing to a luxurious place for self pampering and relaxing. No longer is the bathroom a spartan room; containing just bare essentials, but it has turned into a beautifully decorated area, which contains the latest in gizmos, and has a smart visual appeal too. Today nothing gives us more pleasure than grooming ourselves in a well done up bathroom with complementing features. Following are our pick of the Top 10 must-have accessories to make your bathroom a highly functional and luxurious one:

• Wooden or Stainless Steel Cabinets– without adequate space for storing your daily essentials, the bathroom is incomplete. Now one can add well crafted pieces that are not just storage providers, but also a style statement. These necessities can keep your bathroom neat and uncluttered.

• Furniture Packs for Bathroom – in today’s space deprived times, rooms have become compact, making it difficult to buy and match individual accessories. Bathroom packs give you all necessary accessories with a matching looks, making it easy to do-up your bathroom, without costing a bomb. Now just chose the right one and get yourself a ready-made bathroom.

• Mirrors – these accessories can be a delight and change the entire look of your bathroom, if it’s well placed and properly selected. They can add space to compact bathrooms and create a cozy ambience, when paired with artistic lighting.

• Shower essentials – nothing can refresh one like an invigorating shower, with modern features and exclusive elements. Shower kits offer a wide range of features, like different spray shower patterns, heat controls and Led and heat sensitive lights that add to your bathroom ambience. These days, there are various kinds of Shower accessories and kits available, which can transform your shower routine into an unbelievable experience.

• Tubs – One of the simplest luxuries in the civilized world today is a long and satisfying soak. Indulge yourself and rejuvenate your mind and body, with a smart bathtub, which is one of the most crucial elements of any bathroom. Choose from a large variety of designs be it traditional or contemporary and enhance the look of your bathroom. Tubs today are available with advanced construction and can give you a truly relaxing bath.

• Basins – one of the most used bathroom essentials, which can alter the entire feel of your bathroom. Basins are no more restricted by old styles and shapes, but now are available in different materials and designs, allowing you to create your own theme. Easy to clean, basins today are highly functional, and come in a lovely range of colours and styles.

• Toilet Accessories – Details can drastically alter the comfort and the aesthetics of your bathroom. Toilet seat covers, floor rugs, brush holders and tissue roll holders, etc all add to the overall look and convenience factor. Check that all this compliment with the overall décor.

• Water dispensers – taps and mixers can substantially enhance one’s bathroom experience, with their modern features and trendy designs. Today a host of taps are available with exclusive designs and functionality, which is an asset to your bathroom. A properly chosen design can change the entire look of your bathtub or basin.

• Shower curtains – these are highly practical in nature, primarily giving you much needed privacy and keeping water contained. Nowadays, shower curtains are available in a wide range of patterns and colours, which can brighten up any bathroom.

• Lighting – this last element is often overlooked, during bathroom decoration. With well planned and cleverly placed lighting, you can have best of all worlds. Bright light for utility and soft artistic haze, for those long spa experiences in your tub. Light can also give a compact bathroom a spacious feeling.

Do Not Limit Your Choice with Limited Bathroom Furniture’s

Are you looking to have that lavish looking bathroom but is limited by the available furniture’s? This limit is mainly due to small space in your bathroom that doesn’t allow nice big furniture’s. How about you consider a new concept of interior design to make a desired transformation?

Start by creating additional space in the bathroom using furniture like mirrors, hanged wall cabinets and use fresh colors that coordinate with your fittings.  You can also replace big bath tub with shower bath for some space for more furniture to feet.  You can get well feting furniture’s ranging from drawers in different shapes and sizes like small medicine cabinet with mirrored door, cup boards drawers and open shelves. Corner cabinets are excellent furniture that will utilize corner space and they are fitted either up the wall or on the floor. Dual purpose furniture like the mounted bath basin that is mounted bellow the counter unit allowing you more surface space to store your toothbrushes and other daily bathroom essentials.

Space can limit important furniture’s from getting space, open shelves placed under a wash stand, between two units or above the basin can be used to store your daily bathroom toiletries and glass shelves are also essential to create a feel of more space in the room. For all your toiletries, linens and eve towels get cabinets to beautify your bathrooms with choice ranging from bathroom vanity, wall cabinets medicine cabinets. The right kind of shower in your bathroom is important in terms of the amount of space it takes and the king of look it gives.  If you have a small bathroom, the best choice would be a corner shower stall as it takes less space and utilizes the corner space of your bathroom or using stalls with glass doors make the room look bigger and luxurious. The idea is to compact you space with equipments and furniture’s without using a lot of space.

When making a choice of bathroom furniture,  consider furniture’s that can be double up like other things, for instance, a vanity units that combines with a sink, storage and work place. This is essential for creating space.  Don’t feel limited by choice of available furniture, realistically speaking; you need not have plenty of money to make your bathroom stylish, a good look can be achieved simply by being creative in your choice of not the price of the furniture. It is also essential to consider the persons going to use to use the bathroom furniture’s and how often they will be using them. For instance, consider children, you may need cup boards that are placed high up for medicines to keep the children from their reach.  All furniture to be purchased or placed in the bathroom like any other furniture can have changes made to it or made according to your style and preference to match your bathroom needs.