Buying a mattress

Buying a mattress, even ten years ago, was very different to how it is now.  Back then, you had a few big suppliers based on retail trading estates out of town, where tired salesman would tell you the same mattress was bouncy or firm based on what he thought you wanted to hear.  If you took but ended up not liking it, the returns process was rarely simple, with shipping costs and days at home waiting for a van and two burly blokes to bring your mattress down the stairs.  Even with the online revolution booming, no one was buying mattresses online, as the logistics of shipping a cumbersome and heavy product had not really been mastered.

This has now changed, with the likes of Eve Mattress coming up with a solution for shipping them.  With the vacuumed packaging, you can even get in delivered to the office and bring it home, something you could not do previously.  Not only that, but the option of a 100 night mattress trial has also paved the way for you to feel completely happy with your new bedfellow and if you are not the returns process has become simple and convenient.

With many of the new start ups today such as Uber or AirBnB, you hear of the concept of ‘disruption’ in the industry.  The likes of Eve and Simba have brought a new way to buy a mattress that you are happy with.  The revolution has in this instance brought benefits to the consumer, with some prices lowering as a result as well, it’s never been a better time to make improvements to your sleep.